Marc Tyler Nobleman

May 17, 2023 markvoger 0

Bill Finger advocate’s implausible dream By Mark Voger | Author, “Britmania”   Until the day he died, artist Bob Kane held a vice grip on […]

Howard Bender ’66

June 22, 2018 markvoger 0

My old buddy, artist Howard Bender (Action Comics, “Spider-Man Seek and Find,” Mr. Fixitt) recently shared some of his artwork from 1966, when he was […]


October 15, 2017 markvoger 0

Masquerade party at Javits By Mark Voger, author, “Groovy: When Flower Power Bloomed in Pop Culture” Cosplay is like Halloween without the candy. Following are […]

‘Lookwell’ (1991)

June 30, 2017 markvoger 0

The Adam West sitcom that should have been I’ve been going down the Adam West rabbit-hole on the web since his passing … a world without […]

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Adam West

June 10, 2017 markvoger 0

Thanks for making Gotham City safe. I’m very sad today on learning of the death of my hero, Adam West, at age 88 in Los […]