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Break out the candy canes!

“Holly Jolly” is a joyous sleigh ride through the history of Christmas, from its religious origins to its emergence as a multimedia phenomenon. Subtitled “Celebrating Christmas Past in Pop Culture,” this full-color hardback explores movies (“Miracle on 34th Street,” “It’s a Wonderful Life”), music (“White Christmas,” “Little St. Nick”), TV (“Rudolph,” “The Grinch”), books (Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol”), decor (1950s silver trees), comics (super-heroes meet Santa) and more. Featuring interviews with Charles M. Schulz (“A Charlie Brown Christmas”), Andy Williams (TV’s “Mr. Christmas”), Darlene Love (“Christmas, Baby Please Come Home”) and others. Written and designed by Mark Voger (“Monster Mash,” “Groovy”), the profusely illustrated “Holly Jolly” takes readers on a time-trip to Christmases past that you will cherish all year long. [$43.95, TwoMorrows Publishing]

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Watch the trailer by Ian Voglesong

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‘Holly Jolly’ coverage

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What people are saying about ‘Holly Jolly’

“Mazel tov! — Wallace Stroby, author of “Heaven’s a Lie”

“Voger has proven, once again, to be the master of all things nostalgic. If you’re looking for a Christmas gift that fits in perfectly with the time of year, look no farther. ‘Holly Jolly’ is sure to become as much a part of your annual festivities as the singing Santa, the Christmas tree, the fruitcake, and that beaten copy of ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ children’s book. No doubt, it will make the living room just a little more Christmas-y.”Bradley J. Birzer, The Imaginative Conservative

4.8 out of 5 stars Amazon customer rating (based on 35 global ratings)

■ Ranked #92 in “TV History & Criticism,” #561 in “Pop Culture in Social Sciences” categories (on Dec. 17, 2021)

“If ever there was a year where we needed a little Christmas, right this very minute, this would be it. Thankfully, Mark Voger has been able to provide it … Each turn of a page is like unwrapping a new, brightly colored box.”Steve Thompson, Booksteve’s Library

“If you aren’t super enthusiastic about Xmas this year, this may actually put you in the zone … I have a feeling that leaving ‘Holly Jolly’ out on my coffee table is going to be just enough holiday decorating to make Martha Stewart jealous.”Joanne M. Austin, senior editor at Weird N.J.

“Another Voger hit. Your book is making me feel like a kid again. Thank you, ‘Santa’!”Michael Eury, editor of RetroFan magazine

■ “Voger is a master of evoking nostalgic joy, and in his latest, he does so by dancing with the toys, films, songs, images, stories, TV shows, comics, and ads that will instantly bring up memories of 20th-century Christmases. Rankin and Bass, Batman and Robin, Abbott and Costello, Chewbacca and Lumpy, Scrooge and Marley, Boris and the Grinch, Bowie and Bing — they’re all here for a full plunge into the retro-holiday spirit. There’s humor, heart, and Voger’s own personal stories and snapshots that probably aren’t too different from yours if you grew up celebrating Christmas in the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, or ’80s.”  — Mike Segretto, Psychobabble 

■ “It’s like a Christmas decoration. It adds to the room. You can set it on the coffee table. I don’t make these endorsements lightly. I want to make sure that it’s something I believe in, and something I believe will bring value to you and to your Christmas. This book ‘Holly Jolly’ will add to your enjoyment of Christmas.”  — Todd Killian, The Christmas Clatter podcast

“I had tears in my eyes the entire time I read it.”John Graziano, artist for the “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” syndicated strip

“‘Holly Jolly’ is warm and joyous, and its appearance was sorely needed for mankind during this most troublesome year. The book is currently being displayed under our tree, and I have a feeling it will always have a spot there during Christmas time.” P.C. Hamerlinck, editor of Fawcett Collectors of America

“What a delightful, informative and joyful trip down Memory Lane. This being my 99th Christmas, I thought I had heard it all. No way! You covered the sacredness of Christmas, the pathos, the humor, the wonderment and joy. This book is a coffee table must during the holiday season.” — Dorothy G. in a hand-written note sent via the U.S. Mail

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It’s all too beautiful!

From Woodstock to “The Banana Splits,” from “Sgt. Pepper” to H.R. Pufnstuf, from Altamont to The Partridge Family,” Groovy” is a far-out trip to the era of lava lamps and love beads. This profusely illustrated hardcover book — in psychedelic color — features interviews with icons of grooviness such as Peter Max, Brian Wilson, Peter Fonda, Melanie, Donovan, David Cassidy, members of the Jefferson Airplane, Cream, the Doors, the Cowsills and Vanilla Fudge; and cast members of groovy TV shows like “The Monkees,” Laugh-In” and The Brady Bunch. Groovy” revisits the era’s rock festivals, movies, art — even comics and cartoons, from the 1968 “mod” Wonder Woman to R. Crumb and the underground. A color-saturated pop-culture history written and designed by Mark Voger (author of the Rondo Award-winning “Monster Mash”),Groovy” is one trip that doesn’t require dangerous chemicals.

SEE ‘Groovy’ preview HERE  |  ORDER ‘Groovy’ at TwoMorrows.com, Amazon.com, Target.com, Walmart.com

Dig the ‘Groovy’ book trailer

‘Groovy’ coverage

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What people are saying about ‘Groovy’

■ “This isn’t really my thing.” — Wallace Stroby, author of “Some Die Nameless”

■ A fun, colorful book, crammed with interviews and interesting art. Save a place for it under the Christmas tree — or next to your lava lamp.” — Jacqueline Cutler, The Star-Ledger

■ “’Groovy’ is a treasure, a true and deep examination of a decade of American pop culture, recognizing it not as merely ephemeral, but as lingering and permanently imprinted on the American psyche.” Bradley J. Birzer, Catholic World Report

4.7 out of 5 stars Amazon customer rating (based on 21 global ratingss)

■ “I feel like it’s 1967 just by looking through these pages.” Keith Roth, host of WRAT-FM’s “The Electric Ballroom”

■ “Another masterpiece.” Larry Corley, host of WQNA-FM’s “The Larry Corley Show”

■ “I love, love, love the fact that Voger makes room for the things Jann Wenner types consciously leave out of the discussion. So in this lively, ping-ponging survey of the late ’60s and early ’70s, there are places for the Buckinghams next to the Beatles, the Guess Who next to The Who, the Cowsills next to the Beach Boys, Tommy James next to Dylan, and Tiny Tim next to Hendrix.” Mike Segretto‘s review on Psychobabble

“The nostalgia factor is way over the top, with the bright colors that only our pasts can ever show us. The pure entertainment factor of the book is equally high, with behind-the-scenes stories and legends told that even an old pop culture maven like myself had never heard.
— Steven Thompson (a.k.a. “Booksteve”), Forces of Geek review

“What a great book.”  Ron Howden, founding (and only) drummer for Nektar

“I just read the introduction and it brought tears to my eyes.”David Burd, “Uncle Floyd Show” cast member

■ Congratulations to Mark Voger on writing such a funny, affectionate and entertaining memoir of ’60s culture.” Scott Peters, “Groovy” proofreader (he’s from England)

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New York Comic Con. Details


Get your creepy-kooky on!


ORDER “Monster Mash” at TwoMorrows, Barnes&Noble, Amazon, Target, Walmart and other online outlets | SEE ‘Monster Mash’ preview HERE


See the acceptance speech HERE. Read about the awards ceremony HERE.

Watch the trailer by Ian Voglesong

Read about how Ian created it HERE.

About ‘Monster Mash’

MVCOM-MM BUY ITTime-trip back to the amazing era when monsters stomped into the mainstream. Once Frankenstein and fiends infiltrated TV in 1957, an avalanche of monster magazines, toys, games, trading cards and comic books crashed upon an unsuspecting America. From Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine to the #1 hit “Monster Mash” to Aurora’s model kits to the TV shows “The Addams Family,” “The Munsters” and “Dark Shadows,” the Monster Craze reigned with a creepy, kooky flair. This profusely illustrated 192-page hardback in full color features interviews with James Warren, Forrest J Ackerman, John Astin, Al Lewis, Jonathan Frid, George Barris, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, Bobby (Boris) Pickett and many others, with a foreword by Zacherley, the “Cool Ghoul.” Written and designed by Mark Voger. (TwoMorrows, $39.95)

Monstrous milestones for ‘Monster Mash’

4.8 out of 5 stars Amazon customer rating (based on 150 reviews)
■ Amazon sales rank: 3,631 in all books on July 25, 2015
— in your face, “The Da Vinci Code” (at 6,223 the same day)
■ #1 New Release on Amazon in 2015
■ Previews World staff pick
■ Winner, 2015 Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Book of the Year Award
■ Now in its second printing

What people are saying about ‘Monster Mash’

■ “ ‘Monster Mash’ is more fun than a party at Lionel Atwill’s.”
— Wallace Stroby, author of “The Devil’s Share”

■ “A party at George Zucco’s, maybe, but not Lionel Atwill’s.” — Mark Voger

■ “My office is filled with one-sheets, Aurora kits and now your tome.”
Greg Nicotero, “The Walking Dead” director/zombie designer

■ “I almost cried when I looked through it. … I appreciate the way you connected the dots, from the horror hosts to Famous Monsters to Ed Roth and the Weird-Ohs. … Thank you for doing this book.” Pat DiNizio, the Smithereens

■ “Voger is more than someone with a love for pop kitsch and an artful eye (he designed the book himself). He’s also a veteran journalist who was smart enough to keep his notes from decades of entertainment reporting.” — Jacqueline Cutler, The Star-Ledger

■ Your book is a mirror. In it, you have stolen my soul. It is so nice to have it back. Thanks for taking such good care of it all these years.Richard Noll, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, DeSales University

■ “The best thing to come out since the original Famous Monsters magazine.” — Kevin Clement, founder of the Chiller Theatre expo

■ “This is really a labor of love. I really want people to see this book, because I just never get tired of picking it up and flipping through it.” Jason Henderson, author, HarperCollins’ Alex Van Helsing novel series

■ “Beautiful layout! A treasure trove of images!” Yoe Books publisher Craig Yoe  

■ “This is a sensational book for its illustrated trip down Memory Lane … I knew I would love this book.” “Mr. Media” host Bob Andelman

■ “It’s just a feast for the eyes from cover to cover … The array of material in here is just staggering.” Larry Corley, WQNA in Springfield, Ill.

■ “All I can say is ‘WOW’  … a first-rate look back at the Monster Craze.” Greg Bazaz, onetime Famous Monsters of Filmland kid columnist

“Oh, wow, this is so good! Can’t put it down!”John Graziano, onetime artist for Dan Curtis Productions (“Dark Shadows”)

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Above: A full-page house ad for my three latest books debuted in TwoMorrows’ RetroFan #10. Thanks, guys.

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