‘The Terror’ (1963)

December 8, 2023 markvoger 0

60th anniversary of horror curiosity ‘The Terror: Special Edition’ Film Masters Two-disc set $29.95 (Blu-ray), $19.95 (DVD) 80 minutes plus bonus film and special features […]

Lynne Feldman

June 7, 2023 markvoger 0

Another aggrieved creative in Kane’s past By Mark Voger | Author, “Britmania”   That’s the last time I take Bob Kane‘s word for anything. In my […]

Film noir

January 27, 2021 markvoger 0

Explore genre’s dark allure Stressed out over Covid-triggered cabin fever? Make it better, or worse, by watching some film noir. The genre will always be […]

Labor Day movie picks

August 31, 2019 markvoger 0

Life never stops teaching us My idea for this year’s Labor Day movie picks is a sampling of films with senior citizens as protagonists. In […]