‘Holly Jolly’ reviews

Merry musings about ‘Holly Jolly’

“Mazel tov! — Wallace Stroby, author of “Heaven’s a Lie”

“Voger has proven, once again, to be the master of all things nostalgic. If you’re looking for a Christmas gift that fits in perfectly with the time of year, look no farther. ‘Holly Jolly’ is sure to become as much a part of your annual festivities as the singing Santa, the Christmas tree, the fruitcake, and that beaten copy of ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ children’s book. No doubt, it will make the living room just a little more Christmas-y.”Bradley J. Birzer, The Imaginative Conservative

“If ever there was a year where we needed a little Christmas, right this very minute, this would be it. Thankfully, Mark Voger has been able to provide it … Each turn of a page is like unwrapping a new, brightly colored box.”Steve Thompson, Booksteve’s Library

“If you aren’t super enthusiastic about Xmas this year, this may actually put you in the zone … I have a feeling that leaving ‘Holly Jolly’ out on my coffee table is going to be just enough holiday decorating to make Martha Stewart jealous.”Joanne M. Austin, senior editor at Weird N.J.

“Another Voger hit. Your book is making me feel like a kid again. Thank you, ‘Santa’!”Michael Eury, editor of RetroFan magazine

■ “Voger is a master of evoking nostalgic joy, and in his latest, he does so by dancing with the toys, films, songs, images, stories, TV shows, comics, and ads that will instantly bring up memories of 20th-century Christmases. Rankin and Bass, Batman and Robin, Abbott and Costello, Chewbacca and Lumpy, Scrooge and Marley, Boris and the Grinch, Bowie and Bing — they’re all here for a full plunge into the retro-holiday spirit. There’s humor, heart, and Voger’s own personal stories and snapshots that probably aren’t too different from yours if you grew up celebrating Christmas in the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, or ’80s.”  — Mike Segretto, Psychobabble 

■ “It’s like a Christmas decoration. It adds to the room. You can set it on the coffee table. I don’t make these endorsements lightly. I want to make sure that it’s something I believe in, and something I believe will bring value to you and to your Christmas. This book ‘Holly Jolly’ will add to your enjoyment of Christmas.”  — Todd Killian, The Christmas Clatter podcast

“I had tears in my eyes the entire time I read it.”John Graziano, artist for the “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” syndicated strip

“‘Holly Jolly’ is warm and joyous, and its appearance was sorely needed for mankind during this most troublesome year. The book is currently being displayed under our tree, and I have a feeling it will always have a spot there during Christmas time.” P.C. Hamerlinck, editor of Fawcett Collectors of America

“What a delightful, informative and joyful trip down Memory Lane. This being my 99th Christmas, I thought I had heard it all. No way! You covered the sacredness of Christmas, the pathos, the humor, the wonderment and joy. This book is a coffee table must during the holiday season.” — Dorothy G. in a hand-written note sent via the U.S. Mail

“Just in time to save the world. God bless us, every one.”Andy P. on Facebook

“‘Holly Jolly’ is FANTASTIC!!! A great Christmas treasure that will be read yearly. The variety of Christmas categories within the book is stupendous. Many Christmas favorite things, well researched, organized and documented! My personal favorite is the timeline — really cool. Well done! I will be purchasing another copy next year! This book should be read by all fans of Christmas! It’s a lot of FUN!!! Barnes and Noble ought to be selling the book in all their stores!” — Reader Mike E. via email. (From your lips to God’s ears, Michael.)

“Delivers a sweet, odd, and surprising dose of nostalgia that anyone who loves the holiday would revel in. Each section requires multiple viewings. (‘Viewings’ is the right word for this book, since the explosion of detailed images requires some time with each page.)”Nick Banks review for ConSkipper

■ “Another plethora of pop culture. It is just wall-to-wall covered with all things Christmas. I think people of all ages will enjoy this book.”  — Bob Cahill, The BobCast

■ “’Looks gorgeous. And I spotted Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey, in that trailer.” Vince Keenan, author of “Down the Hatch,” on Facebook

“It’s time to make room on the coffee table this December.” — Ed Catto, for First Comics News’ 2020 Christmas Gift Guide

“The only pop-culture book about Christmas you need.” — Amazon review by Daniel Trogdon

“Just in time for the holidays, TwoMorrows publishes an amazingly fun and informative holiday book. Just the thing for Night Before Christmas enjoyment.” — Tony Isabella‘s Bloggy Thing

“Don’t expect this to be a sugary book. Voger is very honest in his own reflections of his childhood, and considering he burnt his brother with one of his presents, appears to have been a bit of a brat. … There will surely be something here to stir memories of your childhood. Voger doesn’t miss much from the yuletide period … There is a lot to learn from this book and a lot of nostalgia, too.”GF Willmetts review for SFCrowsnest

“The art is lavish throughout the entire book. Just flipping through it will bring back so many memories.”Richard Vasseur review for First Comics News

“Really enjoyed TwoMorrows and Mr. Voger’s text on Christmas in ’60s pop culture. I can only imagine all the work Mr. Voger had to do, as he assembled all the pictures and images used. My favorite section involves the old Bugs Bunny, Disney and Rudolph comic books that came out as annual events. Remember Disney’s ‘Christmas Parade’? It’s a shame that the comic book industry doesn’t have the love for the holiday they used to. Also enjoyed the ‘Oyster Stew on Christmas Eve’ story. It had a memory with me, because my family used to have oyster stew on Christmas Eve. An acquired taste I know, but enjoyable. I recommend ‘Holly Jolly’ for anyone who loves Christmas. Thank you, TwoMorrows and Mr. Voger for this work. Please do a second edition.”J. Smith, Amazon review

“It was funny, interesting, well written, informative. If you love history and Christmas, buy this book. I also recommend checking out his book on Halloween history as well (‘Monster Mash’). Great author.”Julie Pollock, Amazon review

“Wonderful book, lavishly illustrated. Love the cartoon story of the famous Crosby/Bowie duet.”James W., Amazon review

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