T-shirts these days

While researching the 1958 “giant bug” movie “Monster From Green Hell” for a review, I came across the image below of a hip young couple wearing “Monster From Green Hell” T-shirts. I thought, “Wow!  Actual cool kids — not nerdy Boomers — wearing ‘Monster From Green Hell’ T-shirts? Awesome!”

I know, I know, it was very naive of me. In my defense, I only held that thought for a split-second before it dawned on me that surely, the same photo has been used over and over to sell any kind of T-shirt.

And here’s your proof. But I gotta say, these two hep cats certainly are democratic in what T-shirts they’ll sell. Pick a side, any side. Me, I’m waiting for the “Pray for Ukraine” T-shirt.

Hang on. The world is moving so fast, I’ll bet there’s one up already. Gimme a few seconds …

Bingo. Um, what were we talking about again? Oh, that’s right, “Monster From Green Hell.” Animated giant wasps with really cool fluttering wings and recycled footage from a 1930s jungle movie.